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How do I connect robot vacuum to alexa via skill Roborock Home or Mi Home?

Roborock Home is a skill that will allow users to bind their Mi ID to the Alexa. After account linked, users will be able to control the Roborock devices via Alexa.

How do I use Alexa to control Roborock?

Note: Make sure your robot is added and online on app Mi Home first.

1.Go to “Skills & Games” then search for “Roborock Home” or “Mi Home”(both are OK)

 go to Skills & Gamessearch for Roborock Homeselect Mi Home

2.Link your Mi Home app to Alexa to discover devices in your Mi Home account that Alexa can control.

click on ENABLE TO USEsign in to Mi Homelink your Roboock app to Alexaclick on Discover DevicesAlexa is discovering devicesdevices discovered

3.If Alexa does not show “discover devices” option, go to setting to discover manually.

 click on Add Deviceclick on Otherclick on Discover Devices

4.Go to devices list and check if the robot appears and now you can use your Alexa smart speakers to start and stop cleaning.

Note: At present, Alexa smart speaker could only start and stop robot by skill Roborock Home or Mi Home.

tap on All Devicesdevices list


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Was this article helpful?

22 out of 87 found this helpful