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How do I restore my robot cleaner to factory default?

We suggest you restore device to factory default. Video attached for reference.


Step 1. Hold the power button, spot cleaning and recharge button all together when device is on.

The light of 3 buttons will be out.

Step 2. keep holding them to 10-15 seconds until the power button becomes blinking and you hear the voice "Restoring the initial version. It will take about five minutes. Please wait patient." You could remove your fingers and wait for 2-3 minutes until device restart.



1. Factory default restore will disconnect RoboVac from Wi-Fi. Please re-add it after factory default restore.

2. Factory default restore will also make RoboVac's firmware version come back to original one when it was made in factory. After factory default restore, you could go to RoboVac's setting--genera setting--check for updates to upgrade its firmware to latest one.

3. Factory default restore will delete all your setting on device like scheduled cleaning.

4. Factory default restore will delete every single cleaning's log including every cleaning's duration, size and map. But the total duration, total times of cleaning and total size will be still kept there.


Note: It applies to E2, E3 and E4, and E5

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Was this article helpful?

83 out of 268 found this helpful