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How to create multiple maps for multi-level house?

Here is the brief description for how to use it: 

Below we take S7 as example. There may have slight difference due to different models and firmware versions.


For the first map, when robot is creating the first map, there are 4 requirements to meet:

  1. Map saved mode is enabled;

  2. Robot starts from dock;
  1. Robot goes everywhere on map it detects to clean, not just somewhere. Please make sure the doors are open for the rooms you want to be displayed on map.
  1. Robot returns to dock(whose position is not moved) by itself and successfully.

For the 2-4 maps, please change building layout to multi-floor (for others: enable multi-floor maps feature) first and click “create new map”, and then "create", you don't need to move the charging dock together with the vacuum to the other floor. You just need to move the vacuum alone to map that floor. The vacuum will come back to the starting point where you let it start the cleaning, and store the new map.


After all maps are successfully created, you don't need to carry the charging dock with the vacuum to the other floor. Just move the vacuum alone, start the vacuum and it will recognize which floor it is, and use the corresponding map.

Note: It applies to S4, S4Max, S5 Max, S6, S6 Pure, S6 MaxV,S7, S7maxV, S8, S8+ S8 Pro Ultra, Q Revo, Q8Max, and Q5 Pro, which support multi-floor maps feature. (Take a quiz to know which Roborock for you)


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Was this article helpful?

1502 out of 2011 found this helpful